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Silver Anniversary – Celebrating 25 years in business: 1989 to 2014

Scan Pacific NW is proud to celebrate our 25th year in business this year. From humble beginnings, Scan Pacific NW has grown to be a leader in supplying the best in Scandinavian boat handling equipment, marine tactical equipment, and marine safety equipment to a diverse user group including: the US Navy, US Coast Guard, NOAA, the oil and gas industry, the offshore geoservices industry, police, SWAT teams, and military special forces across North America. 

Scan Pacific NW is pleased to represent: Vestdavit, designer and manufacture of safe and reliable davits and other boat handling equipment. H. Henriksen, maker of boat lifting hooks, REBS tactical boarding equipment, and SPILLRECS oil spill recovery systems. Restech Norway, maker of the PLT pneumatic line thrower. Scan Pacific NW is also please to partner with Maximum Performance Hydraulics to provide timely, quality service to our end-users. 

The team at Scan Pacific NW owes a sincere thanks to all of our suppliers and customers. We would not be able to celebrate this milestone without you and we look forward to building on 25 successful years.

References: Recent and Upcoming Deliveries

Recent Deliveries

• US Navy – Freedom class LCS ships


Following successful deliveries for the first two Freedom class LCS ships, Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit have delivered the boat handling systems for the next four Freedom class LCS ships. The USS Milwaukee (LCS-5) was recently commissioned at Marinette Marine and the equipment is standing by for installation and commissioning on the USS Detroit (LCS-7), USS Little Rock (LCS-9), and USS Sioux City (LCS-11) which are currently under construction. Each LCS ship is equipped with a Vestdavit TW-4150 tow wench and a TDBE-2200 davit. The TDBE-2200 is a single point, telescoping, electric, 2.2T SWL davit used for launch and recovery of the ship's MOB boat. This davit is fully SOLAS compliant and has an integrated UPS for deadship operation. 

• NOAA Ship Fairweather


In the summer of 2013 Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit supplied four HN-9000 dual point, 9T SWL, workboat davits to the Fairweather to replace the existing work boat davits. Since 2003, the Fairweather has also used a Vestdavit PL-2500 and a P-3600 for the ship's RIBs. The retrofit of the Fairweather follows an earlier, similar retrofit of NOAA Ship Rainier.

• M/V Aiviq – Royal Dutch Shell


The M/V Aiviq operates in tough, arctic conditions and needed boat handling equipment up to the task. In 2011 Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit supplied the M/V Aiviq, on long term lease to Royal Dutch Shell from Edison Chouest Offshore, with a PLR-3600 single point, 3.6T SWL RIB davit and a PAP-9000 single point, 9T SWL, FRC davit equipped with an anti-pendulation docking head.

• NOAA Ship Rainier


The Rainier has been operating a Vestdavit P-7000 workboat davit for nearly 20 years, since 1995. Due to the reliability and ease of use of the existing Vestdavit system NOAA selected Vestdavit equipment when it came time to replace the workboat davits and RIB davit on the Rainier. In 2010 NOAA replaced the existing, non-Vestdavit, workboat davits with four HN-9000 dual point, 9T SWL davits and the RIB davit with a PLR-3600 single point, 3.6T SWL davit. The existing P-7000 workboat davit is still in use by the Rainier today. 

• M/V Nanuq – Royal Dutch Shell


In 2010 Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit supplied the M/V Nanuq, on long term lease to Royal Dutch Shell from Edison Chouest Offshore, with a PLR-14000, single point, 14T SWL workboat davit. The M/V Nanuq needed one davit to handle multiple boats, so Vestdavit designed a sliding cradle system to launch and recover both of the Nanuq's 34' workboats from only one davit.


Upcoming Deliveries

• US Coast Guard – Bay Class Ice-breaking Tugs


Scan Pacific NW and Vestdavit will be supplying nine PLA-2000 davits for use on each of the USCG's Bay Class ice-breaking tugs. The PLA-2000 is a single point, MOB davit with a 2T SWL that can operate in up to sea state 3. The PLA-2000 is also constructed primarily from aluminum to reduce weight. The USCG wants an easy retrofit so the davit, HPU, and controls are mounted on a skid to simplify installation of the system. The USCG has taken delivery of the first davit and production has started on the second.

• NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson


The Oscar Dyson initially used the ship's deck crane to launch and recover a 27' workboat. However, NOAA wanted to improve crew safety and ease of operation when launching and recovering the workboat. NOAA decided to outfit the ship with a dedicated davit and selected a Vestdavit HN-8500 dual point, 8,5T SWL workboat davit. The davit is slated for late 2014 delivery and installation. This project represents another job in a series of retrofits where NOAA worked with Scan Pacific NW and selected Vestdavit equipment.